Oral & General Health

At Dental Health Associates, P.A. in New Jersey, our dentists understand that proper oral hygiene is linked to overall health, so they take time to communicate the importance of dental health.

Good oral care helps to remove bacteria and other germs from entering the body. It is one of your first defenses in fighting sickness and disease. Research has shown that many conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and Sjogren’s syndrome can be related to gum disease and inflammation that results from poor oral hygiene.

By scheduling regular checkups, you can help prevent conditions such as abscessed teeth, sensitive teeth, mouth sores, and other painful or uncomfortable conditions that can lead to more trouble later.

Here are a few great tips to improve both your oral and overall health:

  • Brush your teeth properly at least twice a day. Gently brush the area around the base of your teeth where your gums meet each tooth on both sides, getting as far in between teeth as you can. Be sure to brush the top surfaces of your teeth as well. Brushing should be in short motions, back and forth with your brush angled slightly.

  • Don’t forget your tongue! After brushing your teeth, be sure to brush your tongue, as well, to remove any bacteria that can spread right back to the teeth you just cleaned.

  • After brushing, clean your toothbrush to prevent the spread of bacteria. Store it openly, as using containers can promote microbial growth.

  • Floss daily to remove small particles between the teeth that can lead to cavities. Gently guide floss between your teeth using a slight back and forth motion, running the floss closely along the edge of each tooth.

Make an appointment immediately if you notice swollen, itchy, or bleeding gums, or changes in the shape or appearance of your tongue or teeth.

To help promote oral health, we commonly treat patients for the following:

  • Cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Oral cancer
  • And many more conditions.

To schedule your next checkup, please call us today at (888) 995-8095 or use our online appointment request form.